Illustration du suivi des attributions

Shareholding Management

Follow your employee shareholding plans

  • Quickly find your allocations’ details: Vesting schedule, exercise periods, legal documents, etc.
  • Update your cap table and your ledger of securities movements with ease, in case of departure or exercise.
Illustration des pool de délégation

Simplify the tracking of your delegations

  • Identify the balance and the expiration date of your pool of securities to allocate.
  • Keep the legal deadlines in mind, and simplify your future delegation’s creation.
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Allocate your securities in a few clicks

  • Grant stock-options, free securities and much more, thanks to the electronic signature compliant with the eIDAS European directive.
  • Preparation - Mailing - Collection: It’s over. Save time by centralising all your operation, having them ready in a few clicks.
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Engage effectively your employees

  • Use your employee shareholding system as the best way to engage them.
  • Treat your employees with an online, clear and intuitive tool, that displays everything about their allocation - including their signed documents.
  • Improve the communication with your shareholders, and let them enjoy their vesting schedule in real-time, thanks to the smart views feature.

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